The IBPSA website
The parent organization of our parent ourganization.
Includes access to past IBPSA conference publications.

IBPSA-USA website
Our parent organization - the USA Regional Affiliate of IBPSA.

IBPSA-NYC website
Our neighboring chapter in New York City.

Building Simulation 2011
The next IBPSA international conference: Sydney, Australia, November 14-16, 2011.
January 31 is the abstract submission deadline!

Online Building Simulation Help

Bldg-sim Listserv
A onebuilding.org mailing list (including online archives) for anyone who uses any building simulation software.

eQUEST Users Listserv
A onebuilding.org mailing list (including online archives) for anyone who uses the eQUEST or DOE2.2 software.

All Onebuilding Lists
A list of all the onebuilding.org mailing lists.

RADIANCE Knowledge Database
A mailing list (including online archives) for anyone who uses the (day)lighting software RADIANCE.

EnergyPlus Users List and Support Center
A members-only EnergyPlus users group and the main EnergyPlus support center.

IBPSA-NYC Energy Modeling Wiki
A wiki page (alpha version) for building simulation started by our neighboring chapter in New York City.

Other Resources

DOE Directory of Building Energy Simulation Tools
A directory created by DOE describing many different commercial and non-commercial simulation tools.

Energy Plus Weather Data Files
A directory of international weather files, available in .ddy format, .epw format, and as summaries in text format.

Other Weather Resources
A list of other weather resources, compiled by GARD Analytics.

bldgsim Blog
Lots and lots of videos and links.

Home-Grown Tools

The links below are for software created by local individuals and University groups. The majority of these are not listed in the DOE Software Tools Directory.


MIT Design Advisor
MIT -- An early-stage web-based tool, designed to allow a very quick energy consumption comparison between four simple models.



Harvard -- Design-Iterate-Validate-Adapt. A sustainable design plug-in for Rhino (daylighting focused) and includes the capabilities of RADIANCE, DAYSIM, Evalglare, and GenCumulativeSky with some unique visualizations.

MIT/Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute -- A daylighting plug-in for SketchUp which includes a radiosity engine and outputs goal-based temporal maps and renderings into a GUI.

MIT/Harvard -- Database of Light Interacting Technologies for Envelopes. An interactive database of fenestration and other light-interacting facade materials.


Active Statics
MIT -- Simon Greenwold. A simple way to numerically and visually play with trusses and funicular forces.

MIT -- A string simulation modeler for exploring force lines in pure compression or pure tension.

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